Logii Browser PRO [Lifetime]

Logii Browser PRO [Lifetime]

Elite : https://logii.in/
Pro : https://logii.in/logiipro

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Logii Review

Logii is a browser specially built for marketing. It allows you to manage multiple accounts and logins safely by running each identity in its own virtual space, isolating it from the other accounts.

The platform is a perfect replacement for multiple computers or VPSs, that many marketers have been forced to use as a very poor, slow and expensive compromise.

Logii Browser provides anonymity, complete confidentiality, prevents browser fingerprinting, and allows you to work with multiple accounts at the same time on one computer. 

You can run ads from multiple accounts without any problem.
You can do Multi-Account marketing securely. You get 100% protection on all social media sites, forum sites & blog sites.
Don’t waste money on slow and expensive VPSs. You get secure multi-login browsing right on your computer.
Scale your business & earn profits with multi-login marketing. You can run multi-login & multi-account campaigns for yourself or clients.
The best part is, for each browser profile created in Logii, you have an isolated browser environment for it with its own separate cookies, local storage, and even cache.

There is nothing in common with the other profiles. Now sites that are trying to fingerprint your browser and destroy your business can’t do it anymore. Logii has ultimate Anti-Detect protection for your digital marketers like: 

  • Geo-data protection
  • IP Protection
  • Independent Cookies
  • Language Identity
  • Protected Audio Identity
  • Time zone Anti-Detection 
  • Custom Resolution Setup
  • WebGL Anti-Detect
  • IndexedDB Uniquifier
  • Independent Environment

Furthermore, with the help of APIs, Logii supports browser extensions. You can save yourself time and stress by automating repetitive tasks. 

It makes it easier to manage workflow as you can create different browser profiles for different team members. You can even share accounts with your team members without sharing passwords.

If you want to run campaigns for your clients you can use Logii browser to run their campaigns in protected environments. Don’t let one mistake kill all your clients. 

Logii is perfect for teams. Work on your campaigns and then let your team members get access with just a click. No sharing of passwords. No logout-login madness.

No endless OTPs. Logii is fast, secure, and easy. Now let’s jump into the next section of my Logii Review to find out how Logii works.

Special Offer

Penawaran spesial (limited edition) anda akan mendapatkan akses Logii Pro Lifetime dengan harga murah hanya di LawuDigital.com, lisensi resmi dan original, support langsung dari vendor.

Review Logii : https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-cheapest-and-best-anti-detect-browser/answer/Cyril-Gupta